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Hi! My name is Shawn.

A Bit About Me


When I'm not in front of the computer, you'll probably find me out on some kind of adventure, either hiking the sunny trails of the Bay Area with my partner and Dosey, an overly-friendly pup,  or far way on a quest with my long-time D&D group.

I believe that to be successful a product needs to effortlessly elevate the quality of people's lives. When I design I  try to understand not just what the user needs but why they need it. By answering why, the elegant and natural solution follows.  


In the last five years I have led a team of designers and engineers through a human centered design process. We successfully developed 20+ products across four international brands.


As a leader I see my job as empowering each member of the team to fearlessly contribute their ideas while challenging them to question assumptions. 

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